Lock & Lock 2L bottle

500 g
Dimensions : L : 100 cm x W : 100 cm x H : 100 cm
Brand/Make : Lock & Lock
Category : Sports - Water Bottles
Rs. 1,300.00
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Lock & Lock Turquoise Sports Water Bottle 2L
We all know the importance of staying hydrated while you exercise, and with this sports bottle from Lock & Lock it has never been easier.With its leak-proof design, and nifty flip-top lid, it is easy to take a quick sip during your daily exercises. With its handy wrist strap, not only is it good for the gym but it’s also great for coming running with you, too, and its 2l capacity ensures it will keep you topped up all day long.As it’s freezer-safe, you can even freeze your drinks the night before to ensure they stay nice and cool all day long, keeping you both hydrated and refreshed.

About Lock & Lock

Once you’ve used a Lock & Lock container there will be no turning back. Testament to this fact are the rows and rows of them in our staff room fridge! Their containers provide a safe, secure seal, making them perfect for everything from transporting packed lunches to storing wet or dry ingredients in your fridge or cupboard.They’re also great for leftovers and can go straight from the freezer to the microwave for reheating. Sturdy enough to be used time and time again with very little chance of wear and tear, their strong hinged locks are really easy to open and close so it’s really simple to get the lids on or off.

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